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[11 Aug 2005|07:31pm]

those of you that haven't added my new elle jay, _molly_jones . i'm typing this in here... also because i'm on my sister's computer and don't feel like logging out and in and out and blah.

i haven't drawn anything for anyone in a while. and everything keeps piling up. soooo before i end up throwing everything out, if your interested in anything or have any requests. hit it up.

say goodnight.

vancouver. [07 Aug 2005|12:51pm]
[ mood | relaxed ]

i was gonna wait until i started classes but when i stepped outside last night, i got chills. i wanted to run back in for a sweater. all i could do was smile and yell "WINTER!", summer is over for me. the positive and negative, i wouldn't dare change any of it. the late night escapades, work, the worries, the people, the video games, the goofy dancing, birthdays, awful attempt at parties, the spontaneous trips to the beach, life after high school. it's not so bad, you know. these past two months have been perfect. i've been grateful for every single second that passes, making sure i don't take any of this for granted. my only complain? it went by really quick. but then again the only reason it did was because i was having so much fun.

i cleansed my mind and heart last night. i've come to the conclusion that i'm really bad at being stubborn. i also realized last night that as much as i love to go out, i find myself enjoying life more just sitting somewhere playing online checkers, swimming in pools, doodling. i never use to be a homebody, i craved the night and owning it. i get tired and sleepy when those hands approach midnight. it's funny because when other people come into lily and i's interpretation of fun, they look rather bored. :)

anyway, i'm done with this journal. it's been real, i feel new today.

_molly_jones , add it if you'd like.

and while you're at it, _doodled, too.

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[04 Aug 2005|03:00pm]
i got up this morning at five and i hoped to whatever it is i hope to these days, that my mother would forget about my trip to hcc. i didn't feel like it. with that thought i dosed off and my sister came in and i could barely make out what exactly it was that she was saying. "get up. hcc. card on table. bye." it hit me that all this wasn't at all a dream a minute later. i got dressed and off i went.

soooo many kids outside. i took turner forgetting about essrig traffic. fuck that, i made a left unto my old neighborhood. as i drove passed the home i spent my entire life at i grew envious of the kids standing in the yard waiting for their bus. that was me only a few years ago. immediately my attitude changed when i noticed the "for sale" sign up. was my house not good enough? it was for us for twelve years. weeeaaakkk.

anyways. hcc. i get there 7:45, three hours later they call me up. and they tell me that everything's paid for. that i'll be getting a form for books once classes start. i'm going to school for free. yes, i am bragging. and will continue to brag, because i've never been so happy about something in a while.

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[03 Aug 2005|09:14pm]
[ mood | nostalgic ]

a year ago...
i anticipated my senior year more than anything.
i craved to break out of my shell, become more social.
i wanted new people in my life but wanted to keep those in it at the moment close to me.
planned on going to a museum with stephanie.
my goal was to see albina more than three times within a year.
i wanted to drive, own the road and streets with not one single fear.
there wasn't a boy polluting my mind.
i was a lot more blind.
i embraced art and dedicated my life to it.
i wanted to stun and awe my art teachers, with what i thought was pure shit.
i hated couples.
went to sickles' open house.
immediately i would know that my english class would be a joke.
was enthralled to find out i had law studies with jason young.
i wore a polka dotted shirt.
i found out i can't dive.
i looked like this...
i look forward to college.
i'm still the shy quiet girl, but i'd like to think my shell has a bit of a crack.
i have amazing people in my life, that i love with my everything.
i did go to a museum with stephanie one day, months ago.
i'm working on the albina situation.
my van and i, we are one and we're fucking invincible.
my mind is trashed with a boy.
i wear my glasses a lot more.
art is still my main focus.
i managed to fool milan and watkinson.
i still hate couples. :)
went to sickles open house last night.
my english class was a joke.
my law studies class ended being one of the most frustrating, yet best classes ever.
my polka dotted shirt is currently resting at the back of my closet.
i still can't dive.
i look like this...
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[02 Aug 2005|07:39am]
this just in:

i maybe spending christmas in colombia.
i really hope so.
say goodnight.

[01 Aug 2005|09:35am]
List 10 things in a day that give you a moment of joy...then post this in your journal or... whatever.

1. waking up in my own bed, knowing i still have a whole month rather than a three days to go back to school.
2. scolding showers.
3. the conversations i have with lily's cat.
4. the beatles.
5. mr. betta.
6. driving through westchase in the rain, it's become a daily thing.
7. just chillaxin', you know?
8. yeah? yeah! yeah.
9. random text messages or phone calls from nice people.
10. ahaha myspace/livejournal comments. :)
11. tony.
12. my van.
13. strawberries and watermelon.
14. ice cold glass of water. mmm.
15. SKA!
say goodnight.

i found a seed in my seedless watermelon. [31 Jul 2005|05:48pm]
just got back home from the beach. i'm a good fives times more BROWN.

i feel really inspired for some reason. i could probably write some stuff down or sit down and doodle for the rest of the day, but i won't and i'm not.

i'm just bored. i need a good conversation, maybe some confidence while i'm at it.

bye bye.
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i'm an idiot, i could be sleeping right now. [30 Jul 2005|09:39am]
[ mood | can't help but laugh at myself ]

i feel like a giant decaying dirty used douche bag.

now that you have a nice vivid description of how i feel at the moment. later, any one of you that comes in contact with me; feel free to kick me in the head.

thank you.

say goodnight.

[27 Jul 2005|09:18pm]
if you're ever feeling generous feel free to get me the following:





thank you.
say goodnight.

[25 Jul 2005|12:36pm]
something just happened.

[23 Jul 2005|05:51pm]
reasons why i haven't left my room not once today. (aside to use the loo)

i've been doodling non-stop.
mr. betta.
peach incense.
weird english-russian movie.
i've been hanging up random pictures, posters, clips.
my bed.
my computer seat.
the delgados and alanis sound way better in here.
as well as my voice.
my easel.
i've been daydreaming.
i've been writing.
i've been reflecting and thinking.
my computer.
i'm not hungry.
there's no good movie out in theatres.
my phone is on silent.
my tiny fan.
the lack of pants and bra.
my window.
i've been admiring my chandelier.
i love my room?
it's mine.

all mine.

maybe i'll change into something, fix up my hair a bit, and go out. mr. betta needs food, because i lost what i bought yesterday. but it's getting late, so i'm not really sure.
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:) [23 Jul 2005|12:09am]
[ mood | exhausted ]

meet mister betta.

he's purple and so are his pebbles and tank.

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[21 Jul 2005|10:01pm]
the ultimate question:

should i get a fish or a turtle?

[EDIT:] fish win. turtles are cute, which is exactly the reason why i shouldn't have one.

what's a good place to get fish at? a place where they don't look half dead or are eating the ones that are actually dead.
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[18 Jul 2005|09:52pm]
dear albina karPEEva,

in about three hours you'll be turning eighteen, i would have loved to have stayed up and call you but knowing you, you probably wouldn't have answered because you're a bitch and i have to get up early tomorrow. anyway, i just wanted to wish you an amazing birthday. you have got to come the next time all of us go out dancing, alright? maybe i'll call you up tomorrow. we can get some porn, i mean a lotto ticket.

ps: i hope you get your kitty.
say goodnight.

[17 Jul 2005|03:56am]
lily richeson
chelsea noble
maddi coffey
katie biernacki
jen moreno
one of the most memorable nights of this entire summer.

i went to sarasota today? it's really pretty. very artsy. i liked it.

my first attempt at driving to ybor was successful. i got there in record time. straight fucking there, didn't get lost not once. in yo' face bitches.
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[16 Jul 2005|09:08am]
Journey 09/17/05
Ford Amphitheatre At the Florida State Fairgrounds

Nine Inch Nails, Queens of the Stone Age, Death from Above 1979
10/22/05 St. Pete Times Forum


would anyone want to see journey with me? the shittest tickets are twenty bucks, which is fine. c'monnnn.

as for nin, tickets go on sale in about an hour, we'll see.
say goodnight.

[16 Jul 2005|07:59am]

perfect. see it.
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[09 Jul 2005|09:40am]
i want to learn how to sleep in.
i want to feel pretty again.
i want to use oils when i paint.
i want to be active again, healthy not faint.
i want to be a lot better with words, perhaps in time, i won't have the need to rhyme.
i want my hair to get longer, faster.
i want to find someone that wakes up as early as i do.
i want my room to stay this way forever.
i want to discover an amazing band on my own, because those always end up being my favorites.
i want it to be july in my room because i'm sick of looking at feburary.
i want waffles.
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more geeky posts. [08 Jul 2005|10:06pm]
[ mood | awake ]

all right, so i have an idea for this tattoo of mine. after much thought and realizing that my original idea was already taken by some girl that i'm completely envious of now, i thought of the next thing that i knew if i got permanently on my body i wouldn't regret it later. the only thing that came to mind was princess peach toadstool. i have yet to find a decent picture because i'm really picky of what era of her i want.

but i did find this...

i was thinking maybe, since it looks like she's running away from something or someone i could add another character... but who? i was thinking bowser in his little clowncopter thing he rides on in super mario world...


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Super Princess Peach [!!!!] [07 Jul 2005|10:01pm]
[ mood | excited ]



Screenshots make this game look just like a Super Nintendo or Game Boy Advance style platformer, with similar art style and classic Nintendo characters.



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